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The easiest swaddle to keep your growing baby happy

  • Swado - winner of abc 2017 New Product Award of Distinction
  • Swado swaddle - winner of 2018 Family Choice Award
  • Swado swaddle - winner of 2019 JPMA Innovation Award, Nursery Product
  • Swado swaddle - reviewed & acknowledged by IHDI as Hip-Healthy

Swado swaddle is simply like no other.


Babies have sensitive hearing and noisy fasteners can startle them.

Swado is whisper-quiet.  Baby stays calm & pacified, even for diaper change.

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Constructed entirely without "hard object" fasteners such as zippers, velcro®, or buttons.

Experience Swado:  the easy swaddle with no hard feelings.

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Total Adjustability that is super-easy & simply magical!

Swado provides the perfect fit for your fast-growing baby, each time, every time, over time.

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" a game changer! " - Steph M.

" For the first time ever, I was able to change my son's diaper while he was asleep and wasn't woken up!  A genius concept. "  - Mimi B.

Swado transitions with your baby as they grow

1. Arms-In

0~2 months

Swado - baby swaddled with both arms secured

Arms are swaddled close to the body, to mimic and ease transition from the womb.

2. Self-Sooth

2~3 months

Swado - baby swaddled with one hand free, for sucking & self-discovery

Give baby wiggle room, for once they discover their body and learn to self-soothe.

3. Transition

3~4 months

Swado - baby swaddled with one arm free

Free one arm, when baby begins roll over attempt.

4. Arms-Out

4+ months

Swado - baby swaddled with both arms free, as a sleeping-bag that cannot be kicked off

Once baby can roll over, Swado is wearable blanket that stays on & snug.

Available In a variety of fabrics

Swaddle in Organic Cotton

Swaddle in Organic Cotton

Sale price $40.00 Regular price $45.00

Swaddle in Light-Jersey Cotton

Swaddle in Light-Jersey Cotton

Regular price $29.99

Swaddle in Bamboo-Cotton Blend

Swaddle in Bamboo-Cotton Blend

Sale price $45.00 Regular price $50.00

About Swaddling

The practice of swaddling is an age-old wisdom that recreates for babies the feeling of in-the-womb comfort.

It reduces Moro Reflex, which startles babies awake.

Give your baby an experience that's above comparison.


20+ years of R&D. 6 U.S. patents since 2008. A singular new choice in Temporary-Fastening.

Delicate Construct

GoodCatch™ consists of two complementary sides, made from 3.1 & 0.097 Denier yarns.

That's ... really thin & light.

Adhere by Friction

No chemical adhesives.  Adhesion results as very fine fibers get "tangled up" in dense loops. together adding up to an awesome "catchy" force.

Technological Leap

Buttons were invented ~ 1200 A.D.  Zipper ~ 1880.  Velcro® ~ 1950.  

Now, GoodCatch™ blurs the line between fabric vs. fastener.

The Gift of Rest.

Everyone loves to relax - especially new parents who didn't know what to expect.

Help them through this amazing times, with an extra Swado that'd put laundry-anxiety to rest, too.

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