Celebrity Baby Trends – Shhh! Baby’s Sleeping: The First Silent Swaddle

Shhh! Baby’s Sleeping: The First Silent Swaddle

By Carrie Maisano

Selecting a swaddle for your baby can be an overwhelming task. If you have been down the swaddle isle of your local Buy Buy Baby recently, you know there are so many different options to select from. Read on if you don’t want to disturb your baby during nap or middle of the night diaper changes. Here’s what makes Swado different from all the others. Not only is it easy to use, and easily adjustable to match your baby’s sleep style, but it also is whisper quiet when it wraps and unwraps. No more crackling sound from Velcro Brand type fasteners, no zippers, no snaps to line up and snap in place…just silence!

The secret is a super soft fabric, GoodCatch, which self-adheres for a smooth wrap every time. The fabric is enchantingly soft against your baby’s skin, and so easy to use, keeping baby happy and life easier for new parents. The roomy bottom allows for healthy hip development, and safety chest strap under the swaddle keeps fabric below baby’s mouth and nose. Here’s another unique feature – the swaddle is designed in such a way that your baby remains swaddled during diaper changes. So you can easily change your baby’s diaper during bedtime without disturbing his/her sleep! Plus, it is adjustable, so when your baby no longer needs to be swaddled, it becomes the perfect sleeping bag. We also love that every swaddle comes with its own laundry bag, so you can wash it right along with your regular laundry. Available in size small (0-3 months) and medium (3-6 months) in a variety of styles.

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