Mom Does Reviews – Three Things We Take to Grandmas

Three Things We Take to Grandmas #MDRsummerfun

By Sherryl Wilson

When my kids are at home, they have everything they possibly need from clothes to diapers and toys to snacks. But when you’re on the road, or staying at a family member’s house like Grandma’s, you don’t always have everything you need on hand. That’s why we have certain “travel friendly” items we pack up with us when we are traveling with our kids to make life easier. Here are the top three things we take to grandma’s!

Swado Swaddle
Swado Swaddle by GoodCatch is a family company launched in 2017 by Jack and Judy (a sibling duo). But our story began years earlier, in 2011 when Jack met Jason, the inventor of the innovative GoodCatch fastening fabric that makes Swado Swaddles one-of-a-kind. GoodCatch is a revolutionary self-adhering fabric that simplifies the way you swaddle your newborn. GoodCatch makes swaddling newborns no fuss by not requiring that you learn advanced folding and tucking techniques.

Swado Swaddle
A swaddle wrap that is easy and silent when it’s time to wrap and unwrap the baby, available in several patterns and designs! Includes the unique GoodCatch fabric that self-adheres and opens silently without jarring your baby awake for a diaper change.

My Thoughts
For the sanity of ourselves along with any fellow passengers, we swaddle our baby to help her sleep better in strange places. But sometimes she gets woken up by the noise of the flaps opening and that doesn’t work for me! But the Swado Swaddles helps keep her tight and secure while she sleeps and I can easily change her diaper without waking her up. The Swado is easy to launder plus they come in several designs, color patterns, and sizes, so I can pick exactly what fits our style! It also comes with a mesh laundry bag which is great for keeping everything needed to prepare for sleeping and a place to keep a change of clothing ready when needed.

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