Sweet Almond Swaddle Purple


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A back-fold swaddle great for all seasons. Made of 100% Cotton.


AgeNewborn – 3M3M – 6M
Swado Length (shoulder to toe)25″ / 65cm29.5” / 75cm
Weight5-14lbs. / 2.5-6kg8-18lbs. / 3.5-8kg


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Almond – a sweet bitter fruit.

An almond tree is one of the first to blossom in the winter, yet one of the last to bear fruits. Almond signifies that the best comes last, a hope finally realized, a dream finally came true, a promise finally fulfilled.

A newborn changes our lives forever for the better, a hope that our generation will continue, our dreams will pass on, the fruit of our vows and promises.

We wrap our newborn in an almond print because we know parenthood will be bittersweet. Though, as the Jordan Almonds are coated in sugar, life with our baby will be more sweet than bitter.


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