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Our softest collection yet, especially designed for you muslin lovers!  These bamboo/cotton blend Muslin swaddles are lightweight, breathable and become softer with every wash. 

Swaddle your baby in pure simplicity -- no noisy hook & loop, zippers or buttons.

  • Easily adjust and secure with the touch of your hand
  • Silently open and close during diaper change
  • Certified hip-healthy design allows flexion for hips & legs
  • Machine washable in complimentary laundry bag

You will love these luxurious and high quality muslin swaddles.  Buy all four colors!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great lightweight swaddle

When I first received using swado swaddles, I was skeptical about whether the silent velcros would be strong enough to contain my then 3-month old baby. But they worked surprisingly well and we're nice and soft. So I bought the smaller size to use with my second baby from the getgo. The swaddles are breathable and soft; they are easy to use and strong enough to comfortably contain the baby.

Britt Norton

I still haven't received it

Megan H.
Has made swaddling as a new parent effortless

I am so glad we took our swado to the hospital - we just couldn’t get the knack of traditional swaddling but the swado is so easy and quiet. We have since tried other swaddles but often find there are little gaps or the neckline rides up- we never have this issue with the swado and I’ve ordered another one! Thank you for a wonderful product :)

Scott Murphy

It's amazing!!

Michelle S.

I cannot recommend this swaddle enough! The adhesive material is so soft it's almost unbelievable. The fact that it's silent is also incredible. I have bought one for every new mom I know and everyone loves them!

Size Chart

Swado Swaddle comes in two sizes: 

Small 0 ~ 3 months
  • Weight: 5 ~ 14 lbs.
  • Length (shoulder-to-toe):  25 inches
Medium 2 ~ 6 months
  • Weight:  8 ~ 18 lbs.
  • Length:  30 inches


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