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    a quiet & easily-adjustable swaddle

    Gone are the days of advanced folding, size-limiting zippers and noisy fasteners. Swado swaddles feature the patented GoodCatch fastening fabric to make swaddling your baby as easy as 1-2-3.

    Learn about the four stages of swaddling

    How to swaddle your little one for the first four months of their life. from full tuck-in to phase-out.

    Swado arms in

    Arms in

    Tuck your baby in completely during the first month
    Self-soothing III

    Self Soothing

    Give your baby a bit of hand-moving room during month two

    Transitional phase

    In the third month your little one will slowly start transitioning out of the swaddle
    Swado Arms out

    Arms out

    Often, month four marks the stage of full arm freedom

    We advocate for hip-healthy development

    Recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as A Hip Healthy Product, that promotes healthy hip development.

    International Hip Dysplasia Institute

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    GoodCatch fastener

    Enjoy a new fastener experience

    Swado swaddles are created with the new GoodCatch fastener —
    world's first self-adhering fastener made of fabric.
    Experience an open and close option that is soft, silent and strong.