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Swado Perfect

Silently adjusts to how your baby likes it


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Do you want to keep your sleeping baby sleeping when you open the swaddle for diaper change, especially in the wee-hour?

Swado swaddle silently opens and adjusts. Simply pull and stick into place with the touch of your hand. No strips, buckles, zippers or buttons.


Do you want to protect your baby's delicate skin from potential irritation from scratchy fastener or hard objects like zippers and buttons?

Swado swaddle is one entirely soft piece of garment, even the fastener is velvety soft. Choose from Organic Cotton, Jersey, or Bamboo fabrics that are all machine washable, and buttery soft as your baby's skin.


Are you anxious about your baby breaking out of swaddle and be covered by loose fabric?

Swado swaddle allows you to make micro adjustments for a snugged fit, and keep snugged through sleep. Without knots or loose fabric, Swado grows with your baby from swaddle to sleep bag.

Certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute to promote healthy hip development.

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Size Chart

Swado Swaddle comes in two sizes: 

Small 0 ~ 3 months
  • Weight: 5 ~ 14 lbs.
  • Length (shoulder-to-toe):  25 inches
Medium 2 ~ 6 months
  • Weight:  8 ~ 18 lbs.
  • Length:  30 inches


Swado Strap Covers - One Size Fits ALL