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    Your can do Swado

    Gone are the days of advanced folding, size-limiting zippers and noisy VELCRO® Brand fasteners. Swado swaddles feature the patented Goodcatch fastening fabric to make swaddling your baby as easy as 1-2-3.

    The only Quiet & Easily Adjustable Swaddle

    Anyone Can-Do Easy

    Swado - the quietly adjustable swaddle

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      Easy to Use

      Everyone can swaddle with Swado: simply overlaps the wings for a snug fit.

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      Hip Healthy

      Recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as A Hip Healthy Product, that promotes healthy hip development.

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      Transitions with Baby

      Swaddle in any way with Swado. Place your baby’s arms anywhere based on self-soothing preferences or transitional needs.  

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      Quiet Diaper Change

      Change diaper quietly with Swado: Keeping the wings wrapped or quietly open the wings during diaper change.

    The GoodCatch secret

    Never disturb your baby again during naptime or diaper changes. The secret of Swado is GoodCatch, an enchantingly soft fabric that quietly and securely self-adheres without the noise and fuss of zippers, clasps or VELCRO® Brand fasteners.


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