Silent + Adjustable Easy Swaddle

Silent & Snug

Yes, you found it!  Award-winning Swado brings peerless ease & comfort to swaddling. Thanks to its innovative GoodCatch™ Fastener, you can say goodbye to complicated folding that loosens; fixed-sized zippers that disregard a baby's quick growth; and noisy fasteners that startle sweet dreams.

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Give the Gift of Rest

Sleep is most-welcomed, for parents celebrating - and being overwhelmed by - the arrival of a new family member.  Get 2, or 3, Swados to minimize sleepless anxiety during laundry.

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Distinctive Features

  • silent & plush

    Detaches quietly - Diaper change without sound & fury. 100% soft fabric - Gentle on the most delicate skin.

  • easy & snug

    Simply overlap the wings and our soft-fastener adheres magically & securely. Easy to fine-tweak to get your baby perfectly comfy.

  • hip healthy

    Roomy bottom design allows for kicking & promotes healthy hip development. Acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

  • individualized fit

    Accommodates large range in size. Effortless to fine-tweak. A customized fit for each baby’s own unique physique, every time & over time.

  • supports development

    Babies need to discover their own body, in stages. Swado allows for flexible hands & arms positioning, to guide them through growing up.

  • me-time for parents

    Contains Moro Reflex which startles babies awake. Baby sleeps longer so parents won't go insane. More quality time for parents & babies.

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The only Swaddle, for all 4 Stages

From fully-tuck-in to phasing-out, guide your baby through learning to grow up


How does swaddling help my baby sleep?

Healthy babies are born with Startle Reflex that keeps babies alert and cry for help when overstimulated.  Stimuli are particularly stressful for your baby during sleep, especially environmental noises, such as dog bark, doorbell, phone ring.  When Startle Reflex is activated, your baby would throw open the arms with a sudden jerky movement.   Swaddling keeps your baby’s arms closed and contained close to the chest, thereby minimizing the effect of Startle Reflex in interrupting sleep.  The gentle pressure surrounding your baby’s body mimics your loving touch and cuddling, helping your baby feeling secured to sleep longer and deeper.

Where should I put my baby's arms when swaddling?

We prepared a video for that! Please click here to watch the video

How does Swado swaddle helps to ensure safe sleep practice?

Swado swaddle is designed to fit snugly to your baby’s individual unique physic, avoiding the possibility of baby wiggle down into the blanket.  The wings of Swado swaddle is tightly bonded when overlapped, eliminating the possibility of your baby breaking open the swaddle and loose blanket covering you his/her face.

My Swado swaddle seems too big for my baby, can I still use it?

You may use a Swado swaddle that seems too big for your baby because the fastening area does not need to be matched exactly.  Only a portion of the fastener overlapped is sufficient to keep your baby securely swaddled.

Judy elaborates in this video.

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Start swaddling for a peaceful rest

Discover the benefits of swaddling. An ancient wisdom-bestowed practice across many cultures to help sensitive babies sleep soundly

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