Swado transitions with your baby as they grow

As your little one grows, they learn new motor skills every month. It's natural for babies to crave more freedom, but we understand it can be bittersweet for parents. That's why we designed the Swado swaddle to transition with your baby from swaddle to sleep bag, offering just the right amount of snugness and warmth at every stage. Rest assured that your unique baby will always have the comfort and security they need on their developmental journey.

Stage 1: Arms in

Approximately 0~2 months

Arms are swaddled close to the body to mimic and ease transition from the womb.

Adjust depending on if your baby prefers their arms on their chest, tummy or by their sides.

Stage 2: Learning to self soothe

1~3 months

Swaddle baby by allowing one or two hands to peak out. This encourages self soothing by giving your baby wiggle room when they start discovering their body.

Observe if your baby self-comforts with finger sucking, face touching or fabric rubbing.

Stage 3: Transitional weaning

2~5 months

Support swaddle weaning by freeing one arm. This allows for safe practice for when your baby begins to roll over.

Observe if your baby rolls onto the right or left side and leave the opposite side arm out.

Stage 4: Wearable sleeping bag

4 months plus

Wrap the Swado under your baby's underarms to free both arms once they've mastered rolling over.

Observe if your baby still has an active Moro reflex. If so, you can try to let your baby sleep on her side or tummy.

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