Swado Swaddles: Evolving Comfort for Your Developing Baby

At Swado, we understand that the journey of parenting is as dynamic as the womb itself. Our swaddles are designed not just to comfort but to adapt and respond to your baby's unique growth and evolving needs - much like the ever-changing environment of the womb.

Stage 1: Mimic the Womb

Approximately 0~2 months

In the earliest weeks, your baby seeks the familiar, snug comfort of the womb. Swado swaddles provide this coziness with precision, enabling you to fine-tune Snugness and Arm Positions for a perfect, glove-like fit.

Use your ultrasound images as a guide to replicate your baby's favored in-womb arm placement, such as the hand-to-heart position. Swado offers the utmost adaptability to customize a swaddle that suits your baby's unique comfort, ensuring a serene sleep experience.

Stage 2: Learning to Self Soothe

1~3 months

During this key phase, your baby explores sensory development and emotional self-regulation. Adjust swaddling for hand-to-mouth or hand-to-cheek positions, aiding in self-soothing activities through movements like finger sucking or face touching.

Swado's adaptable design supports your responsive caregiving, to align with your baby's very own developmental pace and daily rhythm.

Stage 3: Transitional Weaning

2~5 months

During this pivotal stage, your baby is learning to roll over. Swado swaddles support this developmental milestone by freeing one arm, allowing for safe practice and movement.

Observing which side your baby rolls onto can guide you on which arm to leave out, tailoring the swaddling experience to their individual needs.

Stage 4: Wearable Comfort Blanket

4 months plus

As your little one masters rolling over, Swado transitions with them. Wrapping under your baby's arms, our swaddle evolves into a wearable sleeping bag, offering the right balance of freedom and snugness.

Even with arms out, a snug wrap around the body can still provide calming proprioceptive feedback, especially for babies with an active Moro reflex.

Embracing Each Baby’s Uniqueness

Swado swaddles are not just about comfort; they’re about understanding and responding to your baby's individual rhythm and developmental stages. From localized adjustments in Snugness to accommodating various Arms/Hands-Positions, our swaddles grow with your baby, offering a personalized touch to each developmental stage.

As your baby grows, so does Swado. Our award-winning silent swaddle is more than a product; it’s a commitment to your baby’s unique developmental journey. Join us in embracing the dynamic, ever-evolving journey of parenthood with Swado - where every adjustment is a step towards nurturing your baby's individuality and development.

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