Next-Generation Hoook-&-Loop

Swado swaddles incorporates GoodCatch™, a self-adhering fastening fabric that is gentle on all senses - Soft & Silent - and Secures firmly. The perfect solution for our baby wears.

Opening New Design Possibilities

GoodCatch is innovating in wearable fasteners with its self-adhering, soft-fabric-based temporary fasteners. This gentle, versatile material is perfect for next-to-skin and delicate applications, such as for baby & maternity, elder care, sports, and even soft furnishings; possibilities abound. GoodCatch aims to help usher in unprecedented product / user benefits in these fields.

Aspiring designers and creatives in fashion, sports, medical, and maternity fields are invited to explore GoodCatch. Join the wave of new design possibilities and discover how this innovative fastener can transform your creations.

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