Swado swaddles are created with the new GoodCatch fastener — world's first self-adhering fastener made of fabric. Experience an open and close option that is soft, silent and strong.

Why GoodCatch

GoodCatch is a self-adhering fastening fabric that is strong, yet enchantingly soft. Unlike noisy conventional hook-and-loop fasteners, size constraining zippers or time-consuming buttons, GoodCatch is whisper quiet, finely adjustable, and fast. The ultra-soft fabric adheres to itself by frictional force and is super tight, yet effortless to pull apart.

Easily Achieves the Perfect Swaddle

Swado swaddling blankets all feature GoodCatch as its fastening mechanism, ensuring a perfect swaddle every time. When overlapped, a secure swaddle is created to reduce moro reflex and sporadic movements in baby. Wrap baby’s arms in or with hands showing so baby can self-soothe.  As baby gets older you can swaddle with arms out for gentle transitioning out of the swaddle. GoodCatch has no chemical coating and is made from 100% polyester microfiber that can withstand excessive washing without compromising its self-adhering quality.

Experience the Magic

GoodCatch is a revolutionary self-adhering fabric that simplifies the way you swaddle your newborn. To experience the simple, soft strength of GoodCatch, order a Swado swaddle today.