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Glad you asked!  Check out this video to get started.

We recommend starting newborns or premature babies in a size Small.

For newborns over the 80th percentile, we recommend starting with a size Medium.

If the Swado seems big, you can overlap the wings to cover your baby's shoulders and arms in a snug fit. The wings should cross below the neck, leaving a small and tight V-shape. Please watch this video to see what the proper fit of the Swado looks like.

The Swado swaddle fits snugly to fit your baby's unique body shape. This makes it impossible for the baby to wiggle down under the swaddle and eliminating the possibility of having loose fabric covering his/her face.

The lightweight material used in our Swado swaddles are sutiable for all temperatures. Simply dress your baby according to the weather.

To avoid overheating,  read here.

To support your baby in an easy transition out of swaddling, swaddle your baby in the one-arm transitional swaddling position.

Once your baby has adjusted to the one-arm transitional position, progress to the arms-free position. Watch this video to see the different swaddling positions.

Pediatricians recommend that you stop swaddling when babies show signs of rolling over. At this point, your baby can wear Swado in an arms-free position as a wearable blanket / sleeping bag.


To keep your Swado looking like new close the wings and flaps of the Swado to avoid lint getting caught.

Put the Swado in the laundry net that comes with it and wash it in cold water and tumble dry in regular heat.

If the wings of your Swado are still damp after one drying cycle, open the wings and flaps and lay it on a flat surface.

To remove excess lint from Swado wings or flaps, use a lint roller or tape to take off the lint and restore hold.

Yes! The GoodCatch fastener is made of polyester fiber with proprietary hook-and-loop technology. It has not been treated with any chemicals.

Yes.  Swado swaddles are tested by 3rd party certification testing agency on all items required by the CPSC Standard for Flammability of Clothing and Textiles under the Flammable Fabrics Act.

Swado swaddle is not treated in flame retardant or adhesive chemical or any other chemical.

The TOG measurement is a European warmth rating. The TOG value indicates approximately how many blankets or clothing articles something is equivalent to.

Swado swaddles TOG value is under 1, which is light-weight and breezy.

TOG value should be considered along with the layer of clothing that your baby wears under the swaddle and the temperature kept in the room.

If you're not completely satisfied with your Swado, we will refund it within 30 days of the purchase date. We do not cover the costs of return shipping.

To initiate a Return or Exchange, kindly write to us at our contact page, and please include the following information:

  • State whether it is a Return or an Exchange
  • Give the reason for the request. If exchanging, clearly indicate the alternative item you are seeking.
  • Once we receive your request, you will receive an Exchange or Refund Ticket Number (RTN #) to be included when shipping the Swado back to us.
Please ship to the following address:


Attn: Customer Service / RTN#

14530 NE 44th St., Unit L2

Bellevue, WA 98007

Exchanges will be shipped within 2 business days. Refunds will be processed and payment will be returned to the original form of payment.

We hope you'll give Swado a try. However, if you change your mind for any reason, please contact us with your order number.

If your order has not been shipped out, we will cancel and issue your refund via PayPal or Zelle.

If your order has already been shipped out, please follow the Return for Refund or Exchange Policy.

You will receive an email with your tracking number within three business days of when your order was placed. If you do not receive a tracking number, please contact us with your order number.

We ship globally! Different shipping rates apply and will be calculated at checkout.

Swaddling helps your baby sleep better by reducing the activation and minimizing the effect of Startle (Moro) Reflex.

Click here to read more.

Swado swaddles are ceritifed as "Hip Healthy" by the International Hip Association.

To allow healthy hip development, the swaddling blanket must allow your baby's legs to bend up and out at the hips. This space aids the natural growth of the hip joints as babies' legs are naturally pulled in towards their bodies in the womb, and continue to do so after they are born. Parents should avoid swaddling products that wrap too tightly at the hip or force baby's legs straight down.

Size Chart

Swado Swaddle comes in two sizes: 

Small 0 ~ 3 months
  • Weight: 5 ~ 14 lbs.
  • Length (shoulder-to-toe):  25 inches
Medium 2 ~ 6 months
  • Weight:  8 ~ 18 lbs.
  • Length:  30 inches


Swado Strap Covers - One Size Fits ALL