About Us


Swado Swaddle by GoodCatch is a family company launched in 2017 by Jack and Judy (a sibling duo). But our story began years earlier, in 2011 when Jack met Jason, the inventor of the innovative GoodCatch fastening fabric that makes Swado Swaddles one-of-a-kind.

Jack was awed by the boundless potential applications for this new revolutionary fastening technology. When he showed it to Judy, an enthusiastic & certified baby expert, she instinctively saw its unique traits: SILENT, PLUSH & FINE-ADJUSTABILITY. Judy realized that GoodCatch would resolve the frustration of swaddling newborns and envisioned an incredibly easy, versatile and effective swaddle for parents and caregivers.

As she began designing one, Judy realized that she wanted not only a fuss-free, easy-to-do and silent swaddle, but one that is hip-healthy, supports baby’s cognitive and emotional development and could be used through the first year of a baby’s life to save parents money. Having vision for a perfect swaddle, however, was much easier than actually designing one. Relying on her work with families since 2007 as a certified baby expert, international baby swimming trainer and instructor for infant massage and yoga she began enlisting the help of parents and babies in her classes for feedback on her various swaddle blanket designs. After various designs, feedback and hands-on collaboration – the Swado swaddle designs have evolved into what they are today.