Welcome to Swado, where innovation meets caregiving. Our story isn't just about creating a product; it's about reimagining the nurturing embrace of a parent. Founded by Judy & Jack, a sister-&-brother team, we embarked on a mission to transform the experience of swaddling for parents and babies alike.

Our Inspiration

It all began with a simple observation: each baby is unique, and so is their need for comfort, mirroring the dynamic and ever-changing environment of the womb. We identified a gap in the market for a swaddle that could not only adapt dynamically but also respond to each baby's personal comfort needs as experienced in the uterus and their individual developmental progress. That's when the idea of Swado was conceived - a swaddle designed to cater to every infant's unique rhythm, offering adjustable arm positioning and snugness for their evolving comfort and development.

GoodCatch™ Technology

Our patented GoodCatch™ technology is at the heart of Swado. This silent and soft fastening system allows for precise, effortless adjustments, ensuring your baby's comfort without the noise and hassle of traditional fasteners. It's our commitment to provide a peaceful, secure, and adaptable swaddling solution.

JPMA introduces Swado Swaddle

Our Commitment

Our vision is clear - to make parenting a tad easier and a lot more comforting. Join us in our journey of nurturing the next generation with Swado.

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