Using Swado

How do I use my Swado swaddle?

We prepared a video for that! Please click here to watch the video

When should I stop using my Swado swaddle?

Pediatricians recommend parents to stop swaddling when babies show signs of rolling over.  At such time, wrap Swado swaddle underneath your baby’s armpit leaving arms out of the swaddle and use Swado swaddle as a wearable sleeping bag.

If your baby’s feet is less than 5cm from the bottom of the swaddle when the legs are straight, move to next size of Swado swaddle.

How do I transition my baby from swaddling to a wearable blanket using Swado swaddle?

To wrap one arm inside the swaddle and leave one arm out, bring one wing over the shoulder to cover one arm and bring one wing underneath the armpit to leave one arm out.

Can I start using a larger-size Swado swaddle on my newborn and let he/she grow into it?

A size medium Swado swaddle can be used on a newborn (or the size small on a premature baby) if done correctly.  The wings should still cover your baby’s shoulders and arms snugly fitting, with the wings crossing below at the neck leaving a small and tight V-shape space below.  The loose blanket material at the end of the top wing should be covered securely by the foot pouch cover closing to the back.


How does Swado swaddle helps to ensure safe sleep practice?

Swado swaddle is designed to fit snugly to your baby’s individual unique physic, avoiding the possibility of baby wiggle down into the blanket.  The wings of Swado swaddle is tightly bonded when overlapped, eliminating the possibility of your baby breaking open the swaddle and loose blanket covering you his/her face.

How should I dress my baby when using Swado swaddle?

Swado swaddle is made with light-weighted material suitable for a all temperatures by adjusting the cloth your baby wear underneath, from just a diaper to a long-sleeve overall.  For example, in a room temperature of 75F, your baby can wear a short-sleeve bodysuit under Swado swaddle. 

Some signs of overheating including higher body temperature, redder skin color, and faster heartbeat.  Check your baby’s face, back, and neck for signs of overheating.  If your baby is overheated, remove layers of clothing or turn down the thermostat. 

Is the GoodCatch fastener used on Swado safe?

Yes.  The GoodCatch fastener is made of polyester fiber with proprietary hook-and-loop technology.  There is no chemical treatment on the fastener.

Do I have to swaddle my baby to get some sleep?

While swaddling is an effective tool in helping many babies sleep longer and more peacefully, it is not a necessary needed for all babies.  Some babies are born with a more settling personality and are less disturbed by environmental stimuli.  These babies would not need swaddling to minimize Startle Reflex and can sleep well.

Fabric of Swado

How does Swado swaddle hold up in the washing machine? And in the dryer?

Put Swado swaddle in the complementary laundry net to wash in regular cold water and to tumble dry in regular heat at around 60F.  Swado swaddle in the laundry net can be washed and dried with other clothing. 

Does Swado swaddle meet the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) guideline for fabric flammability?

Yes, Swado swaddles are tested by 3rd party certification testing agency on all items required by the CPSC Standard for Flammability of Clothing an Textiles under the Flammable Fabrics Act.

Is Swado swaddle chemically treated with flame retardant chemicals or adhesive chemicals?

No, the fabric and fibers used to make Swado swaddle are not treated in any chemicals.

Orders & Payments

How to return my order and request for a refund?

We hope our Swado products can make your parenthood a little easier and more enjoyable.  If things do not work out for any reason, we will exchange or refund 100% of your purchase within 30 days of your purchase, even if the product is NOT IN ITS ORIGINAL CONDITION!

To initiate the Return for Refund for Exchange Policy, kindly write to us at our contact page or info@swado.co with your feedback on the product, and indicate clearly if you would like an exchange or refund. On exchange requests, please also indicate clearly the new item that you would like to receive. We will respond with an Exchange Ticket Number or a Refund Ticket Number. Upon receiving the Ticket Number, please ship returned items to:

Attn: Customer Service
14530 NE 44th St.  Apt L2,
Bellevue, WA 98007

The shipping cost of a returned item is at your expense. We recommend that you use a method that allows you to track the package, as we are not responsible for items lost in transit. Along with your returned item, please include the following information: contact name, delivery address, contact phone number, the word “refund” or “exchange,” and the related Ticket Number from us. 

As soon as we receive the returned product:

For product exchanges: We will ship out your new replacement within 2 working days and email your shipping details. For refund requests, we will send you a confirmation email and refund the credit card used to purchase the item. Please note, it may take a few days to refund.

How to cancel my order?

We hope you would give Swado a try.  However, if you changed your mind for any reason, please email us at info@swado.co with your order number.  If your order has not been shipped out, we will cancel and issue your refund via PayPal or Zelle.  If your order has already been shipped out, please follow the Return for Refund for Exchange Policy (a hyper link to the section highlighted in yellow) above.

How does swaddling help my baby sleep?

Healthy babies are born with Startle Reflex that keeps babies alert and cry for help when overstimulated.  Stimuli are particularly stressful for your baby during sleep, especially environmental noises, such as dog bark, doorbell, phone ring.  When Startle Reflex is activated, your baby would throw open the arms with a sudden jerky movement.   Swaddling keeps your baby’s arms closed and contained close to the chest, thereby minimizing the effect of Startle Reflex in interrupting sleep.  The gentle pressure surrounding your baby’s body mimics your loving touch and cuddling, helping your baby feeling secured to sleep longer and deeper.

How to track my order?

Email us at info@swado.co with your order number to inquire of your shipment tracking number.  All our shipments are made via USPS, UPS, or Fedex.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to anywhere in the world.  Different shipping rates are applied to US, Canada, and rest of the world.  Please see your specific shipping rate as you complete the order form.


What are the benefits of swaddling?

Swaddling helps babies sleep better.  Keeping babies in a “tight wrap” gives your baby a sense of security in comforting familiarity and in activating proprioceptive system.  By mimicking the confined environment inside the womb, swaddling helps easing your baby’s transition into the world.  Additionally, keeping your babies’ arms close to the body reduces Startle reflex.  The stimuli of the world often cause sensory overload and “startles” your baby, causing his/her arms to jerk open involuntarily and waking your baby to up form sleep.  By swaddling your baby’s arms close to the body with limited movement, Startle reflex will be minimized and your baby is more likely to sleep through the stimuli.


Proprioceptive system is the sense of our body in the world, so that we can touch our nose with eyes closed and able to talk by a table without bumping into it.  This system develops and matures through pressure felt at skin and joints.  Swaddling snuggly provides a gentle pressure along your baby’s body, activating proprioceptive system sensory inputs.


How do I avoid hip dysplasia while swaddling?

To allow healthy hip development, swaddling blanket must allow your baby the freedom for legs to bend up and out at the hips. This space aids the natural growth of the hip joints as babies’ legs were naturally pulled in towards their bodies in the womb and continue to be so when they are born.  Avoid swaddling products that wrap too tightly at hip or force baby’s legs straight down.


Swado swaddles are designed with a wide and long foot pouch to give your baby lots of leg rooms to freely kick and bend his/her legs.  Our swaddles are approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Association as hip healthy design.


What is a TOG Value?

A TOG measurement is a European warmth rating.  The TOG indicates approximately how many blankets the clothing article or is equivalent to.  All Swado swaddle TOG rating is under 1, which is light-weight and breezy.  TOG value must be considered along with the layer of clothing that baby wears under the swaddle and the temperature kept in the room.  No matter how many layers or how thick the clothing under the swaddle is, or if baby is swaddled naked or how thin the clothing is, Swado swaddle can wrap your baby snugly. 

Will my baby overheat?

Because the body temperature regulation in babies is still immature and under-development, there is always the risk of babies being overheated or too cold.  Make sure your baby is in a comfortable room temperature and wearing comfortable layers of clothing.  Periodically check your baby’s face, back, neck, and other body parts for signs of overheating or being too cold.

Some signs of overheating including higher body temperature, redder skin color, and faster heartbeat.  If your baby is overheated, remove layers of clothing or turn down the thermostat.

Some signs of being too cold including lips, fingers, arms turning bluish-purple.  If your baby is too cold, add layers of clothing or turn up the thermostat.

Swado swaddle can snug your baby tightly both wearing the swaddle naked or wearing thick layers of clothing under Swado swaddle.


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