Solving Sleep Challenges with Responsive Swaddling

Dear Baby Professionals -

Are you constantly seeking better ways to help parents ensure their babies get the best possible care and developmental support?

We invite you to join our mission to support each baby’s unique growth and development through Responsive Swaddling. Our Sampling Program is designed to provide baby experts like you with the tools and knowledge to enhance your practice.

  • Customized Care: Implementing Responsive Swaddling allows you to provide a highly personalized care approach, meeting the unique needs of each baby and exceeding client expectations.
  • Positive Outcomes: Improved sleep patterns and development milestones supported through Responsive Swaddling can lead to higher client satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth.

Why Join Our Program?

  • Exclusive Benefits: Get a 50% off coupon for your first purchase
  • Content Creation Reward: Receive a full refund (up to $100) when you create and share helpful content about Responsive Swaddling.
  • Flexible Content Formats: From videos and images to infographics and illustrations, choose the format that best suits you to address common sleep challenges.

Steps to Get Started:

  1. Tell Us About Yourself: Fill out the form below on your credentials and aspirations.
  2. Receive Your Coupon: If you qualify, we will send you a 50% off coupon code for our web store.
  3. Make Your Purchase: Use the coupon to select and purchase the Swado products that best suit your practice.
  4. Share Your Story: Create content that reflects how Responsive Swaddling addresses sleep and developmental challenges.
  5. Get Featured for Rebate: If we share your content, you'll receive a full refund to your payment (up to $100)

What Our Users Say:

"I am a Newborn Care Specialist and have tried almost every swaddle on the market. The Swado is by far one of my favorites! The silent velcro is truly a game changer. I love how it's not stiff and allows for healthy hip movement while being the perfect amount of snug at the chest. It is so easy to use and helps baby get restful, restorative sleep. I recommend this swaddle to everyone! My only complaint is that it doesn't come in more colors!"Joelea M.