How to Swaddle A Baby In 4 Easy Steps

How to Swaddle A Baby In 4 Easy Steps

Swaddling with Swado is easy, silent and secure. It's silent because of our patented GoodCatch fabric which works with friction to adhere the wings of the Swado together.

Here's how to swaddle with Swado in 4 easy steps!

1. Lay baby down in the middle of the Swado and align the top with baby's shoulders
2. Pull each wing over your baby's shoulders in a downwards motion
3. Cross the wings at the front of the chest creating a V-Neck and put baby's feet into the foot pouch.
4. Adjust the bottom of the wings to tighten and press the wings onto baby's back.

Don't forget that with Swado, you can change your baby's diaper without unswaddling their arms. Relax and let your baby sleep through those middle of the night changes without waking them up. Hot tip: warm up the baby wipe in your hands or on your chest while you get them undressed for their change to avoid startling them with the cold wipe.

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