About Us 2

We are Judy & Jack - a sister-&-brother duo.

While we were blessed with diplomas from elite schools, and close-calls to strike rich in the tech industry, we somehow ended up choosing the road less traveled.


It first begun when Judy had her first baby, Aaron.  Aaron suffered from asthma, and Judy learned that baby swimming could help.  But class offerings in Taiwan back then mostly catered to Tiger Moms (“give me 20 meters, NOW !”).   So Judy searched online and found Birth Light, an UK organization that have for the past 40+ years been evangelizing the benefits of Baby Aqua, developing education that is deep-rooted in Baby Development theories and Practice through Experience.


15 years ago

15 years ago, Judy boarded the plane just to take baby Aaron to London to learn to play in the pool.  Since, she’s became a full-certified instructor of instructors, and have initiated and spawn the development of Baby Aqua in Taiwan & China.  Meanwhile, she also earned her Masters degree in ________ (an unusual turn for a Carnegie Mellon MBA), and discovered her life’s passion — loving & caring for babies.And now, baby-no-longer Aaron plays water-polo in Seattle : )


As for Jack, he was managing supply chain for Apple during its iPod days (and yet managed to miss his boat on the rising tide).  In early 2010’s, he encountered GoodCatch Fastener — a fastener that adheres on overlap, like velcro; but is Soft & Silent.  Believing that this is a ground-breaking innovation that could bring immense benefits to many next-to-skin applications, he dived into its promotion.  At first it was promotion to the world’s most-renowned brands.  They all love it.  But due to corporation considerations, none would adopt, yet.  Why?  1) why cannibalize one’s existing product for something superior but unproven & more expensive ?  And more importantly, 2) why spend enormous effort to educate consumers while putting its reputation on the line ?  Just imagine:  if you don’t know what hook-&-loop is yet, how would you react when it snags your sweater or scraps your skin ?

So, Jack showed Judy the GoodCatch Fastener, and Judy thought IT’S JUST PERFECT FOR BABY SWADDLING !!And that’s how Swado was born in 2013.


Baby swaddling has been around for thousands of years.  Essentially, the premise is:  babies came from a tightly-confined environment (the womb) which provided feeling of securing.  Once out, the open space can feel kind’a scary.  Couple that with developing limbs & muscle twitching (Moro Reflex) that jerk them awake, it’s no wondered that they are often startled.  Don’t blame them for crying.The traditional solution is a square swaddling cloth.  It’s great, if you know how to wrap tightly to prevent your baby Houdini from turning loose.  Once loose, babies startles themselves awake.

Just over a decade ago

Just over a decade ago, “easy” swaddles, relying on externally-attached fasteners came to market.  There are two categories:those with hook-&-loop (aka velcro):  they close on overlap, which is great & simple.  Problem is: when un-doing, they are LOUD.  Shhh … baby sleepingthose with zippers:  they are fast & secure.  Problem is: they are fixed location; i.e.: fixed sizing & non-adjustable.  And your baby grows, fast.