Swado Affiliate Program for Midwives, Doulas, Birthing Workers

Getting each new client is hard-work.  It takes hours to generate quality leads and present your service to finally land on an engagement.  Wouldn't it be great to make more money for your work?

Bundle unique products like Swado swaddle in your service package is a great way to increase your fee.  New moms are always seeking advice for products that will help them ease their transition into motherhood.  You are in a trusting role to offer these advice.  Of course, you would do your homework and ONLY bundle products that you truly believe to be helpful.

For those of you who are experienced and have regular clients, you can considering purchasing the product up front at at 30%~50% retailer/wholesaler discount rate.  For those who are just starting up or prefer not to make up front cash investment, joining a quality affiliate program can get paid 5%~10% of the product sales.  Besides, when yours moms use the products, they will be reminded of you and your service.  Your name will be more likely to come up in their conversation with another expecting mom.  It's a great way to foster words of month referrals for your service!

Swado swaddle supports your business with our affiliate program.  You will be able to give your clients a 10% discount code on their purchases and generate 8% of the sales revenue.  Learn more about Swado swaddle's unique silently adjustable fastener to swaddle babies just how they like it.  Your new moms will thank you for helping them find the perfect swaddle among a sea of products.

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