What To Do If Your Baby Hates Being Swaddled

What To Do If Your Baby Hates Being Swaddled

You just had a baby and they are your bundle of joy. You did your homework and read that swaddling is supposed to be comforting for babies because it creates a womb-like environment for them to stay asleep. You bought a handful of beautiful swaddle blankets before your baby was here, and then you bought the big name swaddles, but your little one is still not happy!

You don’t remember when it started, but your baby just cries every time you try to put them in a swaddle.  Your baby cries so hard, their face turns as red as a little lobster. You thought that if your baby hated being swaddled so much, you could just let her sleep swaddle-free.  But that’s another problem!  She wakes up constantly, the second you put her down - every time!  

Does this sound like your baby?  A baby that hates swaddling but cannot sleep long without it?  Don’t worry, we’re here for you.

We designed the Swado Swaddle to help parents just like you, avoid this song and dance when it comes to sleep. By putting your baby down to sleep in the Swado in the arms-free position, your baby will have no more reasons to fight sleep. We suggest holding her arms by her chest if you find her arms flailing too much.  Once your baby is asleep, you can open the wings of Swado swaddle, and silently and gently bring her arms onto her chest to swaddle her in even more snuggly.

To avoid your baby waking up from discomfort, check the following:

  • Is the swaddle on too tight or too loose? Your baby should have room inside to move her hands around but not through an opening that is too big.
  • Is your baby too warm or too cold swaddled? You should adjust your baby’s clothing under the swaddle or room temperature thermostat.
  • Is the fabric of the swaddle touching your baby’s face? This can cause a safety issue, and most babies dislike their face being touched.
  • Is your baby a sucker? If so, swaddle with his hands under his chin so he has access to his fingers.
  • Does your baby prefer arms bent on her chest or straight down by her side? Try different positions to see which one she is most comfortable in.

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