How Swado Swaddle Stacks Up To The Competition

June 29, 2020

Your baby will be here soon!  You have been making your hospital essential list,  away for your baby registry.  You have been reading the “best” whatever lists, watching the “must have” videos.  And you are overwhelmed!!

You search “swaddle” on Amazon and there are pages and pages of listing.  You read that some babies like to be bundled tightly, you read that some babies like to sleep with their arms by their head, you read that some babies suck their fingers as they sleep.  So much information but how do you what your baby will like?  And what size should you get?  Will your baby outgrow the size within the first couple of weeks?

When it comes to swaddling, many parents will agree that an easy swaddle is, in effect, easier than a swaddle blanket, but there are so many more prints and color options in swaddle blankets.  So, if you are the practical type, buy 2 easy swaddles to interchange.  If you are the IG-photo type, buy the pretty swaddle blankets for photos and the easy swaddles for sleeping time.

Now with the easy swaddles.  There are quite a few different systems in the market.  We made a table below to help you get a quick overview. 

System GoodCatch™ Blanket Zipper Velcro®  Zipper + Velcro®
  • Silent
  • Soft fastener
  • Swaddle securely
  • Adjustable
Lots of pretty colors and patterns to choose from.
  • Swaddle securely.
  • Some models offer arms-up position.
  • Adjustable
  • Adjustable
Cons Limited patterns and colors Difficult to keep baby swaddled tightly. Frequent buying of the next size. Fastener is noisy and scratchy. Fastener is noisy and scratchy.

Leading Brands


Aden & Anais,

Monica & Andy,

Posh Peanuts

Love to Dream,




Ollie's World



If you want the flexibility in your baby’s arm positioning while swaddled -- may it be hands under the chin, hands by the face, or hands on the chest -- Swado swaddle is your most flexible choice.

If you worry that your baby will break-free of the swaddle, Swado swaddle and zipper type swaddles are your most secure choices.

If you want to keep your baby undisturbed during diapers change in the middle of the night, Swado swaddles, zipper type swaddles, and swaddle blankets are your whisper quiet choices.

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Size Chart

Swado comes in two sizes: 

Small 0 ~ 3 months
  • Weight: 5 ~ 14 lbs.
  • Length (shoulder-to-toe):  25 inches
Medium 2 ~ 6 months
  • Weight:  8 ~ 18 lbs.
  • Length:  30 inches