What Is Hip-Healthy Swaddling?

What Is Hip-Healthy Swaddling?

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Are you aware that swaddling may be related to your baby's hip development?

Swaddling babies has many benefits. The practice gives infants postnatal comfort and helps them sleep better. What’s more, swaddling blankets that are “hip healthy” promote infant joint health, according to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. While there are many swaddling products on the market, not all ensure the healthy development of your baby’s hips. Swado Swaddles are easy to use and designed to safeguard your infant’s gentle joints.

Why Hip-Healthy Swaddling Matters

In the womb, your baby’s legs are in a fetal position. As she floats, her legs bend up and cross each other. After birth, it takes time for your baby’s legs to adjust to a straightened position. Swaddling incorrectly, or too tightly, can force tender infant legs to straighten. This sudden straightening can loosen the leg joints. It can also damage the soft cartilage of the knee socket. Improper swaddling may lead to postnatal hip dysplasia. It can also cause developmental dysplasia of the hip.

How to Swaddle for Hip Health

There are many ways to swaddle babies. Parents and caregivers can use blankets or commercial products designed for swaddling. To allow healthy hip development, swaddling clothes must allow a baby’s legs to bend up and out at the hips. This aids the natural growth of the hip joints. Unfortunately, not all products on the market are hip healthy. You should avoid products that wrap too tightly or force your child’s legs straight down. This extended position increases your risk of future joint problems.

Swado Swaddles Are Hip Healthy

Swado Swaddles are designed with your baby’s health in mind. The roomy bottom of the Swado Swaddle allows your baby’s legs plenty of movement. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute certifies Swado Swaddles as a hip-healthy sleeper system. Use Swado Swaddles with confidence.

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Buy hip healthy swaddle, certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

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